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About Knowmore

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Knowmore Consultancy and trading limited was established in 2014. Our main office is based in lefkosia at the heart of Northern Cyprus. We aspire to ensure travelling to Northern Cyprus and turkey a memorable experience. The company is managed by highly qualified and experience staffs capable of rendering top notch services.

We have broad learning and involvement in ensuring students achieve their objectives more than they desired. Our customer service representatives are always ready to help solve any issue. We help save time by offering students the best options in turkey and Northern Cyprus.

To show students the gate to a better future.

To be the best, reliable, and trusted travelling agency company.

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Our Team

            Suzan Alassi            

            Ibaa Alassi            

            Yazan Mardini            

            Yassmine Eid            

  Mustafa Alassi  

            Shaima Adnan            

And we can be more