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Cyprus International University

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Location :
Northern Cyprus / Lefkosha (Nicosia)

Education Levels :
Bachelor's / Masters / PhD

Cyprus International University was founded in 1992 and was ranked the 3rd university among the universities of Northern Cyprus, and the 5th university among the private universities of Turkey for the year 2020
Therefore, it is considered one of the best universities in Northern Cyprus and Turkey.
The university keeps abreast of all that is happening around it, and the cultural diversity is its title.
It was established in 1997, as the number of its faculties is 12 faculties , in addition to that, the number of its students is 27,000 students from different countries and nationalities.
The study is available in English language 
The university uses contemporary educational technologies used all over the world and has excellent staff and academics, in addition to the advanced educational curricula that the university provides to its students.
The International University of Cyprus has cooperation agreements with many universities in the world, which provides it with powers and privileges that differ from other universities of Northern Cyprus.