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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Where is the Turkish Republic of Cyprus located?

It is located in the eastern Mediterranean region in western Asia, meaning it is surrounded by southern Turkey, western Syria, northwest Lebanon, Israel, the Gaza Strip, northern Egypt, and located to the southeast by Greece.


Q2 - What are the most powerful universities in Turkish Cyprus?

•    Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 
•    Eastern Mediterranean University
•    Near East University
•    Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University
•    Cyprus International University
•    Girne American University


Q3 – The way of travelling to Turkish Cyprus?

There are no direct flights to Northern Cyprus, Travel is by air, so the flights are passing through Turkey, meaning that the flight is made by two planes, the first heading to Turkey and the second from Turkey heading directly to Turkish Cyprus.


Q4 - What is the cost of living in Turkish Cyprus?

The cost of living ranges from 200 to 250 US dollars per month.


Q5 - How to register in universities?

Registration in universities is done through educational agencies such as KNOWMORE Agency.
All you need to do is to click on CONTACT US.


Q6 - Are there any services for new students?

The Knowmore office provides services for new students, such as:
1- University Admission
2- Pick-up from the airport
3- Providing a free phone SIM card
4- Hosting in KNOWMORE’s luxury flats
5- Helping the student to find suitable housing
6- Complete the student’s registration at the university
7- Student Residency procedures


Q7 - Are there tourist places in Turkish Cyprus?

There are tourist areas such as castles (Girne Castle), mountains (Kyrenia Mountains), museums (The Museum of Barbarism), mosques (Selimiye Camii), churches (Acheiropoietos Monastery), beaches (Escape Beach Club) and hotels (Kaya Artemis Hotel)


Q8 - What is the accreditation of the Turkish Council for Higher Education?

The certificates of graduated students from the accredited Turkish Cypriot universities are approved by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education, and thus the certificate is attested by the embassy of the country concerned and have the chance to find a job or to complete the higher education within its territory.