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Final International University

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Location :
Northern Cyprus / Girne (Kyrenia)

Education Levels :
Bachelor's / Masters

Final International University was founded in 2015 in Kyrenia, North Cyprus, as a partnership between vinyl education institutions, a leading educational brand in Turkey that has been providing educational services for more than 40 years. With 415 educational institutions, in different stages from kindergarten to high school. More than four million young people achieved their dreams through their studies in the final institutions, which employ 12 thousand teachers and it is also one of the most active book and magazine publishers in Turkey. With the establishment of the Final International University in 2015, Final entered the higher education sector, The University offers quality education at an affordable cost, including extensive training and job preparation programs. A multicultural learning environment designed to enable students to exchange experiences and friendships with fellow students from all over the world.
It provides a safe and secure environment to study in one of the most beautiful parts of the Eastern Mediterranean region. A student-centered environment with high levels of care and concern. Opportunities to gain more international qualifications and participate in exchange programs.