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Girne American University

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Location :
Northern Cyprus / Girne (Kyrenia)

Education Levels :
Bachelor's / Masters / PhD

Girne American University was established in 1985 and is the first private university found in Northern Cyprus. As of 2019, more than 19,000 students have graduated from the university from 135 countries around the world. The university has 7 different branches in three countries around the world. The university teaches 71 different programs between bachelors, postgraduate and doctoral studies. The campus accommodates 20 thousand students. The university library contains more than 20 thousand printed books and 22 thousand papers and research journals, every year the academic year is opened with a parade of Spring Festivals and the Festival of Dance and Theater with academic and social activities in Cyprus. GAU encourages academics and students to participate in scientific research. One of the main goals in the university is to conduct sustainable scientific research within the research centers of the university, in addition to that students are able to undertake individual research projects.