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Rauf Denktas University

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Location :
Northern Cyprus / Güzelyurt

Education Levels :

Rauf Denktas University was established in 2017 and had the ability to take the 17th position among the Northern Cyprus universities for the year 2020. And we would like to mention that the number of its faculties is 3, in addition to that, the number of its students is 1500 students from different countries and nationalities.
The Rauf Denktas University in North Cyprus is an ideal place to study due to its location in a safe environment and a pleasant climate. The university gives its extreme importance and priority to employability and making its curriculum commensurate with the development that is taking place globally. Its curricula are designed after taking the opinions of faculty and academic consultants. Each program introduces students to the cultures, values, and legal aspects of the target countries, thus having graduates with the competencies that enable them to work at the international level.